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inmemoryof-satan: Hello! I am currently in a Goddess Culture in Asian Traditions class at my University. I have to write a 10-20 page research paper on a Goddess from another culture that we do not cover in class. I was wondering if you or any of your followers have any suggestions for someone in either the Norse or Celtic traditions? Thanks!


Well there are some pretty badass goddesses in Norse religion and mythology (also in Celtic, but to be honest I’m not that versed on that subject).

My favorite is Freyja and her cat-drawn carriage: 

I advice you to take a look at the awseome and resourceful Norse Mythology Blog to see if they have anything on this subject. And you could also check fuckyeahnorsemythology out.

Also, if someone of my followers as any more suggestions/resources, put them in an ask and I’ll post them (but probably tomorrow, ‘cause right now I’m going to bed).

Good Luck!

"On the whole, people who go about sex in a way we call goal-oriented, or product-oriented, not only tend to orgasm less often, they tend to feel less satisfied with sex and their sex lives. People who tend to be more process-oriented in the sex they have, with partners and on their own in masturbation, tend to be more orgasmic and also tend to feel more satisfied."
- this article right here, a gem that I stumbled onto by accident. It’s lengthy, but contains a lovely fire analogy and is a great look at why “goal-oriented” [read: orgasm-oriented] sex and masturbation are largely counterproductive, and why it’s better to just chill out and enjoy yourself. (via hellyeahsexpositive)


When your precious babies are being precious babies:


^precious babies^