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"I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis?"
-Daniel Radcliffe (via agiilebeast)



I did a post on this before, but 1) it was kind of a mess, 2) there’s more evidence for this theory than I previously knew of, and 3) I received some responses saying that they still didn’t buy that Littlefinger would do this. So… here’s also a rebuttal of sorts.

1. It…

Anonymous: well if you don't like richard at least consider this: it was either him or edward v as king and richard was obviously better than edward


Yeah okay, Richard was obviously better than Edward as king because Edward had so much time to prove what kind of king he can be, silly me.

Anonymous: actually, the sudden changes in storylines (see bran and jon almost meet up and more) is bc the show is preparing to go its own way once there's no more book material to write about.


I don’t think we know what’s exactly happening right now, how much they know about future books (aparently D&D held a long reunion with GRRM prior to the writing of the scripts for season 5), etc. They do know the endgame, Martin told them a while ago, so they could structure the show having that in mind. Of course, they could’ve change their minds, and decided to separate themselves from the books completely. Have two different endings. But, imho, I don’t think that’s the case :)

I think they will reach the same destination, simply taking another route. They have introduced a number of changes, that cannot be denied, but the 90% of them are of characterization. (Which are IMPORTANT. So important.) Most of the great milestones, the big moments (Ned’s death, the Red Wedding, Oberyn’s duel, Dracarys, Jaime’s maiming) are there, even of they’ve taken different ways to reach these moments (Talisa or Locke, for instance.)

I think that would be the case for the rest of the adaptation: they are going to change things, important things (let me remember Arianne again), but they’re probably building the endgame, even if they’re using different tools to do it. We will have the same ending, even if some things get changed along the way. (And that’s not necessarily good, imo. These changes in themes and characterizations are big, and, even if they respect the structure and they have so far -more or less-, these changes are not less important.)

That’s my opinion on the matter, at least :) As I’ve said, we can’t really know. 

(Also, I won’t count the almost meet between Jon and Bran a sudden change, but something done to enhance dramatism in the show :) A real change would’ve been they meeting each other, and Jon going to meet with Bloodraven with Bran, or forcing Bran to go to the Wall with him. But, at the end of the day both Jon and Bran are where thay have to be: Jon in the Wall, and Bran in the cave. Actually, this is a perfect example of what I was saying: they change things in characterization and themes, but the structure remains.)